Changing the Remote Repository Link for a Git Project

Git is a powerful version control system that allows you to keep track of changes in your code. One of the key features of Git is the ability to collaborate with other developers by using remote repositories. In some cases, you may need to change the remote repository link for your Git project. This could … Read more

How Git Works: Understanding the Underlying Technology

In Git’s DAG, each node stores a snapshot of the repository, including the following information: By using a DAG structure and delta compression, Git is able to efficiently store the changes to the code and the history of the project, making it a powerful version control system.

How to Check That a Git Branch Has a Remote Counterpart

To check if a local branch has a remote counterpart, you can use the git branch -r command, which lists the remote branches. For example, if you want to check if your local branch my-branch has a remote counterpart, you can run: If the branch has a remote counterpart, it will be listed in the … Read more

Most Useful Nmap Commands

nmap (Network Mapper) is a powerful command-line tool that is used for network exploration, management, and security auditing. Here are a few examples of some of the best nmap commands: These are just a few examples of the many powerful nmap commands that are available. Keep in mind that some nmap options might be illegal … Read more

Useful Notepad++ Tips

Disable Auto Backup Auto backup could be very annoying when working on coding projects especially when working with git. Open Notepad++ and go to Settings->Preferences->Backup then select “None” under Backup on save. That’s it. Replace Tabs With Spaces It’s wildly accepted to indent code with 4 spaces. To automatically convert tab to spaces in Notepad++ Open Notepad++ and go … Read more

8 Free Software Development Tools For Windows

There are a set of tools that a developer needs in order to perform simple tasks. Windows OS does not offer such tools as part of the operating system, therefore you need to download and install them. #1 – Notepad++ First on the list is Notpad++. This is a powerful text editor that supports a … Read more