Notepad++ Tricks That Nobody Knows

Notepad++ is a powerful text editor that has many features that may not be immediately obvious to users. Here are a few tricks that not many people know about:

  1. Multi-line editing: By holding the ‘Alt’ key and clicking on different lines, you can select multiple lines of text at once, allowing you to make changes to multiple lines simultaneously.
  2. Column mode editing: By holding the ‘Alt’ key and dragging the mouse, you can select text in a rectangular block. This is useful for making changes to multiple columns of text at once.
  3. Record and playback macro: Notepad++ has a built-in macro recorder that allows you to record a series of actions and then play them back at a later time. This can be a great time saver if you find yourself repeating the same actions frequently.
  4. Compare documents: Notepad++ has a built-in document compare feature that allows you to compare two documents side by side and highlight the differences between them.
  5. Auto-completion for any language: Notepad++ has a built-in auto-completion feature that can be used for any language. You can create your own auto-completion list by using the ‘User Defined Language’ menu.
  6. Customizable menu: You can customize the menu by going to “Settings > Shortcut Mapper > Main Menu” and configure the menu items and the shortcut keys.
  7. Regular expression search and replace: Notepad++ has a built-in regular expression engine that allows you to use regular expressions when searching and replacing text. This can be useful for more advanced search-and-replace operations.
  8. Bookmarking: Notepad++ has a built-in bookmarking feature that allows you to mark specific lines of text for easy navigation. You can use the “Ctrl+F2” to toggle a bookmark and “F2” to navigate through bookmarks

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