What Are the Most Popular OSINT Tools in 2023

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) tools are used to gather information from publicly available sources, such as websites, social media, and public records. Here are some examples of some of the most popular OSINT tools:

  1. Google: One of the most popular OSINT tools is Google. Google’s advanced search operators and tools can be used to narrow down your search results and find the information you need.
  2. Maltego: A popular OSINT tool that is used to link various data sources together and create a visual representation of the relationships between them. Maltego can be used for investigations and reconnaissance.
  3. Recon-ng: An open-source web reconnaissance tool that is written in Python. Recon-ng can be used to gather information about domains, IP addresses, and email addresses.
  4. TheHarvester: A tool used to gather email addresses, subdomains, hosts, employee names, open ports and banners from different public sources like search engines, PGP key servers, and the Shodan computer search engine
  5. OSINT-SPY: A powerful OSINT command line interface tool that allows you to gather information about IP addresses, domains, email addresses, and phone numbers. It automates the process of searching and extracting information from various sources.
  6. Shodan: Shodan is a search engine that lets you search the Internet for specific types of devices and servers. It can be used to find vulnerabilities in webcams, routers, servers, IoT devices and more
  7. Creepy: A geolocation OSINT tool that helps in gathering information about a specific target by using social media platforms. It has the ability to track a person’s location history, search for geotagged tweets, and find recent location data.
  8. Spiderfoot: A reconnaissance tool that can be used for automated OSINT gathering and footprinting. Spiderfoot allows to search for data across multiple sources, such as whois, DNS and IP lookups, social media, etc.
  9. Autonmap: A tool for automated OSINT and reconnaissance, autonmap is an Nmap wrapper that allows to perform an Nmap scan and automatically extract useful information from the scan results, such as open ports, services, and version information.
  10. OSRFramework: OSRFramework is an OSINT tool for reconnaissance and research. It can be used to search for information across multiple platforms, such as social media, blogs, forums, and more. It offers a framework of modules that allows the user to easily automate repetitive tasks.

These are just a few examples of the many powerful OSINT tools that are available, and new tools are constantly being developed and released. It’s important to keep in mind that not all information is publicly available, and some of these tools may be illegal or unethical to use in certain jurisdictions. Always check for specific terms of use for the tools and make sure to have the proper authorization before using them.

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