How to Hack WiFi Networks Using Raspberry Pi

WiFi technology is used almost in every home and business. This is understandable, given how convenient internet connectivity becomes with WiFi. This convenience comes with a price, and that price is privacy. Since WiFi is wireless this means anyone within range of the router can eavesdrop on your connection and gain access to your network. … Read more

Raspberry Pi – Recommended Initial Configurations

You have just finished installing a fresh instance of Raspberry Pi OS (if you haven’t yet, visit this link). You are about to boot the Pi for the first time. You are not sure what is the best way to start working with the Pi. This article will cover some initial configurations that are very … Read more

8 Free Software Development Tools For Windows

There are a set of tools that a developer needs in order to perform simple tasks. Windows OS does not offer such tools as part of the operating system, therefore you need to download and install them. #1 – Notepad++ First on the list is Notpad++. This is a powerful text editor that supports a … Read more