8 Free Software Development Tools For Windows

There are a set of tools that a developer needs in order to perform simple tasks. Windows OS does not offer such tools as part of the operating system, therefore you need to download and install them.

#1 – Notepad++

First on the list is Notpad++. This is a powerful text editor that supports a wide range of syntax highlighting among other great text editing features. This is a must-have tool on every Windows PC.

Downlaod Notepad++


#2 – PuTTY

PuTTY is a simple yet very useful tool that allows the user to connect via SSH, Serial, and telnet.

Download PuTTY


#3 – VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is the client-side tool for connecting to a remote machine that is running a VNC server.

Download VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

#4 – Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare is a tool for comparing text files. Very useful when we want to see the changes made to a codebase.

Download Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare 4

#5 – WinSCP

WinSCP is a tool for transferring files over SSH (SFTP) or FTP. Sometimes as a developer, you need to transfer files from your development machine to a server or another machine. This is where WinSCP becomes handy.

Download WinSCP


#6 – WinRAR

WinRAR is a very powerful tool for compressing files and folders. Data compression is especially useful for sending files over the network.

Download WinRAR


#7 – Nmap

Nmap is a very handy network discovery tool. This tool is not used as often as the other tools, but the things it can do can not be easily achieved without it.

Download Nmap


#8 – mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG is a remote connection manager. This tool is very useful for managing a large number of remote connections.

Download mRemoteNG


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