Interesting new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features

As you know at the beginning of 2022 Samsung released the newest phones in the Galaxy S series , the Samsung Galaxy S22s. Among those phones the Galaxy S22 Ultra stands out for being the best model.Now you may be wondering what sets the S22 Ultra apart from the older models, the answer to that … Read more

My Top Picks for Travel Apps in 2022

While traveling to new countries, certain barriers can prevent you from fully experiencing the country you are visiting. Apps can be very handy when it comes to doing fast research on a new place. If you are wondering what are the best apps for travel in 2022, here are 8 useful apps I use that … Read more

Best resources for learning Linux Kernel Development

Linux Kernel development is a very wanted skill in the software market. Becoming a Linux Kernel developer is hard and requires a lot of time and dedication. One thing that makes this skill hard to learn is the huge body of knowledge that one needs to be familiar with and it is not always clear … Read more