My Top Picks for Travel Apps in 2022

While traveling to new countries, certain barriers can prevent you from fully experiencing the country you are visiting. Apps can be very handy when it comes to doing fast research on a new place.

If you are wondering what are the best apps for travel in 2022, here are 8 useful apps I use that can help while exploring the world.

Google Maps: Google Maps is a great tool to have while traveling, It is able to navigate optimal routes, show you popular tourist attractions, restaurants, gas stations and more with accurate reviews

Booking: makes booking hotels, hostels and other forms of properties easy with good deals, based on reviews, it allows you to filter options based on what you are looking for, it also offers the ability to book taxis and car rental services

Xe -Converter & Money Transfer: Xe provides live (up to the minute) currency rates to and from any currency in the world, this can prove especially useful when converting money to make sure you get the best deals possible

Skyscanner: one of the best methods when it comes to booking flights, giving you the cheapest options, it also give you the ability to book multi-city flights, this proves useful when traveling to multiple locations in a single trip, giving you the best options based on price

Trail Wallet: a trip expense tracker that can help organize expenses, it is useful when traveling on a budget. You can set a daily limit of expenses for each day of your trip along with other useful features

Google translate: One of the largest obstacle when traveling is communication, the language barrier is quite difficult to overcome, however, with google translate all that can be easily evaded, google translate can translate virtually any language in the world making communication effortless

Triplit: When traveling sometimes its hard to keep track of plans, luckily Triplit creates master trip itineraries, it also contains destination-specific information

Packpoint: takes the stress out of packing, it created a packing list based on your itinerary, the weather in your destination , trip length and more

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