Samsung S23 Ultra – Apps That Cannot Be Uninstalled

The Samsung S23 Ultra comes with pre-installed apps. Some of these apps are important for the functionality of the phone. However, there are some bloatware apps that Samsung is imposing on the users in order to maximize profits.

Samsung did the right thing by giving us the ability to remove most of the preinstalled apps, yet there are some apps that you must have on your phone even if you don’t want them.

The following apps can not be uninstalled from Samsung S23 Ultra:

  • Play Store – Google
  • Voice Recorder- Samsung
  • My Files – Samsung
  • Bixby – Samsung
  • AR Zone – Samsung
  • Messages – Samsung
  • Google – Google
  • Chrome – Google
  • Gmail – Google
  • Maps – Google
  • YouTube – Google
  • Due – Samsung
  • Galaxy Store – Samsung
  • Phone – Samsung
  • Messages – Samsung
  • Camera – Samsung
  • Gallery – Samsung
  • Clock – Samsung
  • Contacts – Samsung
  • Settings – Samsung
  • Calendar – Samsung
  • Samsung Notes – Samsung
  • Game Launcher – Samsung
  • Samsung Free – Samsung
  • Samsung Pass – Samsung
  • Sim Services – N/A

Samsung S22 Ultra frequently asked questions

While you cannot uninstall these system apps, you can disable them if you do not want to use them. To disable a system app, go to Settings > Apps > All Apps, find the app you want to disable, and tap “Disable.” Please note that disabling a system app may cause other parts of your device to function improperly, so it is generally not recommended unless you are sure you know what you are doing.

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