Backup Your WordPress Website

There are two things you need to have backed up when you want to restore your website. MYSQL tables WordPress installation files. Typically found at “/var/www/<site domain name>” Backup Mysql Tables to a File Backing up mysql database to a file is very simple using mysqldump. You need to have the proper access permissions to … Read more

Summary Table Of Ethernet PHY Types

This table is a summary of the capabilities of each PHY type. Taken from the publicly available IEEE802.3 specifications. How to read the table: Auto Negotiation Media Forward Error Correction (FEC) R Required S Supported O Optional U Unsupported ? To Be Defined PHY Type Clause 28 AN Clause 37 AN Clause 73 AN Optics/Active … Read more

How to Install Raspberry Pi OS – Windows

Raspberry Pi OS is the official operating system for the Raspberry Pi boards. Though it is possible to install different kinds of OS on the raspberry Pi. We will only cover how to install Raspberry Pi OS using a windows machine. First we need to download Raspberry Pi Imager. This user friendly tool will enable … Read more

Monitoring SoC Temperature Using ADT7473

SoC typically include an embedded sensor device for monitoring the temperature. This device is also known as the thermal diode. Thermal diodes are commonly used in CPUs and GPUs. They are simple, reliable and allow remote monitoring of the die temperature. The diode is forward biased with a fixed current running throw it (1uA – … Read more