Find Info About a Phone Number Using OSINT Tools

How can you find information about a phone number using free and open-source OSINT tools? When people publicly share their phone numbers online they might not be fully aware of the tools that scavenge information from social networks for different purposes.

This article will cover an OSINT tool called phoneinfoga. Phoneinfoga is an advanced tool for scanning international phone numbers.

Installing Phoneinfoga

To install PhoneInfoga, you have two options, either download the binary or build the software from its source code.

Binary Installation

  1. Go to the release page on GitHub
  2. Download the archive file suiteable for your OS
  3. extract and run the binary in your terminal

you may also run the following commands if you are using a Unix system

curl -sSL | bash
sudo install ./phoneinfoga /usr/local/bin/phoneinfoga
./phoneinfoga version


Now that you have Phoneinfoga on your system let’s use it.

To scan a number see the examples below

phoneinfoga scan -n "+1 (555) 444-1212"
phoneinfoga scan --number "+33 06 79368229"
phoneinfoga scan -n "33679368229"

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