Deciphering the PCI Power States

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A Beginner’s Guide to ImGui and CMake for Seamless UI Development

Understanding ImGui for Beginners: ImGui, short for Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface, is a lightweight and beginner-friendly library that simplifies UI development. Unlike traditional GUI libraries, ImGui operates on an immediate mode paradigm, allowing for quick and intuitive creation of interfaces. Setting Up Your Project: 1. Create a CMakeLists.txt file: Start by creating a file … Read more

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Tox for Testing

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Mastering CMake: Simplify Your Build Process Across Platforms

After gaining experience in various programming languages, I came to a realization: I can’t seem to move on from C/C++, particularly C++. It’s a language I have learned to both dislike and appreciate again. One major challenge with C++ is its inherent messiness and difficulty to manage. Despite efforts over the years to address this … Read more

Integrating IMGUI with CMake: A Step-by-Step Guide with Code Examples

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Enhancing User Interfaces with ImGui Checkboxes

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