A Beginner’s Guide to ImGui and CMake for Seamless UI Development

Understanding ImGui for Beginners: ImGui, short for Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface, is a lightweight and beginner-friendly library that simplifies UI development. Unlike traditional GUI libraries, ImGui operates on an immediate mode paradigm, allowing for quick and intuitive creation of interfaces. Setting Up Your Project: 1. Create a CMakeLists.txt file: Start by creating a file … Read more

Integrating IMGUI with CMake: A Step-by-Step Guide with Code Examples

When it comes to building projects with IMGUI (Immediate Mode GUI), utilizing a powerful build system like CMake can simplify the compilation process and ensure seamless integration. In this blog post, we will provide detailed instructions and code examples on how to incorporate IMGUI into your project using CMake, enabling you to create interactive and … Read more

Getting Started with Dear ImGui: A Beginner’s Guide to Building User Interfaces

Dear ImGui, short for Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface, is a powerful and lightweight GUI library that allows developers to quickly create graphical user interfaces for their applications with minimal overhead. ImGui is written in C++ and is highly customizable, making it a popular choice among game developers, embedded systems developers, and other applications that … Read more

Mastering the Basics: A Guide to ImGui Buttons

If you’re a game developer, GUI designer, or a coding enthusiast, chances are you’ve come across ImGui (Dear ImGui), a popular and powerful immediate mode graphical user interface (GUI) library. ImGui provides a simple and efficient way to create user interfaces within your applications, and one of its fundamental elements is the button. In this … Read more

Troubleshooting IMGUI: Common Errors and How to Fix Them

Intro: Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface (IMGUI) is a popular UI system used in game development and other real-time applications. It allows developers to create user interfaces with a minimal amount of code, making it efficient and flexible. However, like any other software, IMGUI can encounter errors that may cause unexpected behavior or prevent the … Read more

Mastering ImGui Layouts: A Comprehensive Example

If you’re a game developer, chances are you’ve heard of Dear ImGui (ImGui), a powerful and popular open-source GUI library for creating user interfaces in games and other interactive applications. ImGui provides a simple and intuitive way to create graphical interfaces by allowing you to quickly design and customize windows, buttons, sliders, and other UI … Read more

Getting Started with ImGui: A Beginner’s Tutorial

ImGui (short for “Immediate Mode GUI”) is a library for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in C++. It is designed to be easy to use and integrate into existing projects, and is particularly well-suited for creating in-game tools and debugging windows. Here is a simple tutorial for getting started with ImGui: First, you’ll need to … Read more

IMGUI: A Powerful and Customizable Choice for Game and Real-Time Application Development

IMGUI, or Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface, is a type of GUI system that is commonly used in game development and other real-time applications. Unlike other types of GUI systems, such as retained mode GUI, IMGUI is designed to be fast and lightweight, making it ideal for use in applications where performance is critical. One … Read more