How Hard Is It to Learn Linux

Learning Linux can be challenging for some people, especially if they are not familiar with command-line interfaces (CLIs) and basic computer concepts such as file systems and command-line navigation. However, it can also be relatively easy to learn for others, particularly those who are already comfortable with these concepts. One of the best things about … Read more

SSH on Linux

SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol that allows you to securely connect to a remote computer over an unsecured network. It is commonly used to remotely access and manage servers and other network devices. To use SSH on a Linux system, you will need to have the SSH client installed on your machine. This … Read more

Linux Device Drivers: Beginners Guide

Device drivers take on a special role in the Linux Kernel. Drivers are the pieces of software that allow hardware to communicate with the operating system. Unlike other popular operating systems, Linux treats devices in a special way. Linux presents the device as files. This might sound weird to those who are new to Linux. … Read more

Best resources for learning Linux Kernel Development

Linux Kernel development is a very wanted skill in the software market. Becoming a Linux Kernel developer is hard and requires a lot of time and dedication. One thing that makes this skill hard to learn is the huge body of knowledge that one needs to be familiar with and it is not always clear … Read more

SSL Certificate; How to Get one for Free?

SSL certification is very important for the security of a website. It has become the de facto standard on the web. Therefore it is crucial that you get an SSL certificate and have your website communicate over HTTPS. For that we will use SSL certification provided by Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a none profit … Read more

Why Do You Need fail2ban on Your Linux Server?

Most server administrators use the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) to connect to servers. While SSH is very robust and secure for data transfer, it does not protect your server against brute-force attacks by default. An attacker can attempt to access your server for an unlimited number of times. These attacks could lead to server slow … Read more

Linux Users and Groups

Understanding users and groups is essential for becoming an effective Linux user. How to assign a user to a group Assigning a user to an existing group. first you can see which groups the user is part of For example the root user is part of the root group To add a user to an … Read more