wxWidgets – Building From Source With Visual Studio

In this tutorial, we will see how to build wxWidgets on a windows machine from source using Visual Studio.

For this build, I will be using Visual Studio 19. You may use other versions as well.

Download the Source Code

Go to wxWdigets Site and download the Latest Development Release as source code. I will use wxWidgets version 3.2.4 for this tutorial.

UnZip the source code files in a directory where you wish to install the SDK

My personal preference is at “C:\dev\SDK\wx324\“. For convenience, I will refer to this directory as $(WXDIR)

Note: I named the folder wx324 because I am using version 3.2.4 for different versions the name should correspond to the version number.

The source code comes with many Visual studio solution files. Go to “$(WXDIR)\build\msw

Run the Visual Studio solution corresponding to your VS versions. If you are running Visual Studio 16 or later, choose “wx_vc16.sln“. Accept the security warning message boxes.

You should see the many solutions in the Solution Explorer.

Build wxWidgets

In Visual Studio go to Build->Batch Build

Select All and then Hit Build

Make a cup of coffee and wait for the build to finish.

When the build is over you should see the following message:

You can find the compiled binaries at “$(WXDIR)\lib

Create an App

First set an environment WXDIR

open System Properties->Environment Variable

Add a new variable called WXDIR.

NOTE: do not add a trailing slash “\”

Open a new Project in Visual Studio

Open the project properties -> C/C++ -> General

also select “Not Using Precompiled Headers”

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